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The Pop-Up Makers, a diverse collective of local and international artists and designers living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Vica Gabor

Vica Gabor Jewellery

Vica spent her last 5 years in Edinburgh and is now living in Glasgow attending The Glasgow School of Art studying Silversmithing & Jewellery Design from September.  In Edinburgh, she completed a foundation course of Contemporary Jewellery Design at SilverHub Jewellery School. The course was based on design development and the project began with psycho-geography. Vica shifted her focus onto memories and family history during her research and she created a collection of brooches and necklaces developed during that project which she called Present in the Past.

Vica enjoys using alternative non-precious materials and finding new solutions within her pieces. She combines humour and playfulness with melancholy.

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Anna Liebmann
Anna Liebmann Basketweaver

Anna was drawn to basket-making whilst her children were young; she lived and worked at a small land-focused housing co-operative set in 50 acres of farmland in Lanarkshire. Anna became aware of the versatility of willow and was inspired by its zero carbon footprint. She moved to Edinburgh 5 years ago and began selling her products at the Portobello Farmer's Market as well as teaching locally. She finds passing on skills and knowledge to people hugely rewarding and now teaches extensively in the city and beyond. Selling her work at craft markets and in galleries around Scotland.


Nature and history pass through Anna’s hands as she weaves using the willow she grows, cuts, sorts and prepares herself, as well as willow that was grown elsewhere in Scotland organically or conventionally in Somerset. Throughout the year, as she is creating baskets and forms using her home grown willow, the affection for the material carries on through the work. Her baskets are things of beauty; sturdy and precise.

To book a Basket Weaving workshop with Anna, please click here

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Meriç Gürsoy

Eira Soaps

Eira Soaps is a natural skincare company from Edinburgh making handcrafted and fun soaps & shampoos. It all started when Meric, a fifth-generation soap maker and a chemical & sustainability engineer, started making her own products. After a few years of constant experimenting, Eira Soaps  was born.  


Everything she makes is vegan and free from synthetics, parabens and palm oil. Instead, she uses skin loving oils, clays, botanicals and essential oils.

She takes her inspiration from nature and is constantly working on to develop new products.

To see more of Meric's work, visit:


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Andrea Boros

Biau-Biau is a small company based in Edinburgh making organic cotton baby and children's wear which are practical and durable yet eye-catching.


The person behind the brand is Andrea, a self-taught garment maker. Her aim is to find fabrics which are creative and attractive not only for the parents but the children too and to avoid joining in the apparent gender stereotyping game going on in high street retail.


The majority of the Biau-Biau clothes are made from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified fabrics that are not only superb quality but have been ethically manufactured as well. Nowadays, Andrea is working her way towards having her own designs printed on organic fabric.

To see more of Andrea's work, visit:


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Megan Raine

RAINE Creative

Combining her passion for design, bookbinding and calligraphy, Megan began bookbinding over a year ago and makes a variety of handmade notebooks, travel logs and memory books. She has always loved crafting and making things with her hands, and finds the creative process of bookbinding very therapeutic and a way of escaping the growing digital world.

Being very mindful of her carbon footprint, most of her books involve up-cycling cereal boxes, magazines and calendars to give them a brand-new lease of life in book formation. She sells her books at local craft markets and enjoys working on special commissioned projects.


Working as a freelance Graphic Designer, Megan combines her love for stationery, print and publication design, with her love of bookbinding. She one day hopes to develop her own range of stationery designs and plans to collaborate with both local and international artists.

To book a Bookbinding workshop with Megan, please click here

To see more of Megan's work, visit:

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Chloé Selarque
Jahier Studio

Chloé, founder and principle artist of Jahier Studio, is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in the combination of painting and embroidery. She is interested in the intersections of history and personal experience and the overlaps between the silos of science and art. Her works are meticulously hand-painted and hand-embroidered “windows” into these investigations. Wonder towards the natural world are a prominent aspect of her work. She believes stewardship of the earth and its many environments are paramount and hopes to encourage her community to slow down, be mindful, and make more truly conscious decisions. 


Chloé is a Swiss-born French-American raised on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu. She graduated with her BFA from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design (ECUAD) in Vancouver, Canada in 2016. As of 2019, she lives and works in Edinburgh as a Jeweler and Freelance Artist. 

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Kirsty Dalton

Primitive Woodland Line

Kirsty Dalton was born and raised in Perth Scotland. Dalton studied her degree in Fine Art at Duncan of Jordanston in Dundee and graduated in 2015. Since graduating, Dalton has worked both locally and Internationally having completed internships with Tin Roof in Dundee and VinSpace Art Studios in Vietnam.

Specialising in woodwork, Kirsty Dalton’s main focus is her ‘Primitive Woodland Line’. Each piece is individually hand crafted from various cuts of natural wood, shaped and then burnt free hand, using a process called pyrography. The wood is sourced locally and ethically in Scotland. The artist primarily uses sycamore; its naturally light and blond appearance accentuates the burnt in-detail.


Utilising traditional methods of wood turning and hand carving, Dalton’s approach is purely instinctive; inspired by nature, with a focus on bold shapes merged with intricate detail, aiming to capture the essence of prehistoric art combined with more contemporary ornamentation.

To see more of Kirsty's work, visit:


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Victoria Hodson

The White Hare Pottery

Victoria Hodson is an Edinburgh based potter making hand thrown kitchen-ware with unusual hand drawn and painted decoration.


Using white earthenware, her hand thrown pottery has a delicate quality than might not be expected from this method. Her designs are inspired by classic tattoos, fairytales and mythical animals.


Her 16 years at Garvald Edinburgh, working with artists with learning disabilities has given her a newfound freedom away from the restrictions and hang ups of formal art training. She has been fortuitous to retrain in throwing on the wheel with Dave Cohen, and has reconnected with glass art and Pottery.

To see more of Victoria's work, visit:


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Cat Outram & Lindy Furby

Intaglio Alba

Two artist printmakers, Cat Outram and Lindy Furby, who use intaglio techniques to create images of Scotland.


Intaglio:- printmaking which involves a textured plate holding ink in sunken surface areas. Damp paper under pressure from a press, then moulds into these areas and retrieves the ink.


Cat is a printmaker with 40 years’ experience behind her, 30 of those as a professional. A member of Edinburgh Printmakers, she does mainly etchings, but has explored collagraph and mono-print. Her subjects include: landscape, Edinburgh, flowers and still-life. Her inspiration is light and texture and shape, with a particular interest in composition and a strong graphic line.


To see more of Cat's work, visit:


Lindy collects images by driving around in her campervan painting en plein air in watercolour. Back in Edinburgh she makes collagraph plates from her paintings. These consist of card, cut into and torn, and collaged with such materials as tiling cement, wallpaper, moss and string. She prints small editions from these plates – either at Edinburgh Printmakers or at home, in her living room on a small portable press.

To see more of Lindy's work, visit:


To book a Drypoint Printing workshop
with Cat & Lindy, please click

Valer Fekete

Valer Fekete-Sior’s passion is the art. His artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues.  His unexpected installations have often made from objects found in the streets or in the nature.


One big part of his paintings, drawings, objects, and other inventions is improvisational and invite people to question their attitudes, fears and unwritten rules.


Other part of his art makes people’s life more colourful, and picturesque.

To see more of Valer's work, visit:


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Hasan Bigali
HAZE Candles

Hasan is passionate about wellbeing and spirit. That’s why he is making aromatherapy candles. He believes that everything we need is present in the nature. All the ingredients he uses in his candles are natural: soy wax, essential oils, cotton wick. This helps your indoor air to stay clean.

Living in Edinburgh, Hasan works part-time and has been making candles since 2018.

To see more of Hasan's work, visit:


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Sarah Jacobs
Syrah Jay

From a young age Syrah Jay has always been creative. Influenced by her mother and grandmothers sewing and knitting skills she always knew she would have a creative career ahead of her. In addition to making and designing her own bespoke jewellery she also teaches creative skills and strongly believes that being creative can contribute to a person’s wellbeing. She finds her teaching very inspirational and an excellent motivator to constantly be improving  her own practise.

She graduated in 2001 from DJCAD with a degree in printed textiles. From that point she then pursed volunteering opportunities with Tayside Heath Arts Trust & DCA which as now developed into over ten years of teaching experience working with many organisations throughout Scotland the latest being V&A Dundee.

To book a Beginners Needle Felting Workshop with Syrah Jay, please click here

To see more of Sarah's work, visit:


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Julie Martin

Julie Martin Contemporary Design

Julie Martin is a Scottish jewellery designer/maker. Working mostly in silver she creates relaxed, minimalist designs perfect for everyday wear as well as 'one off' statement pieces. Her current collections feature hand applied patterns and textures enhanced by oxidising surface treatments. Her work also includes some use of gold and precious stones.

Julie works from her home studio in the Clyde Valley where she lives with her husband and their three children.


She studied in Glasgow, graduating with qualifications in Jewellery Design and manufacture.

To see more of Julie's work, visit:

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Sheila Chapman
Sheila Chapman Art

Sheila is a contemporary figurative painter based in Edinburgh. Her art is inspired by nature and wildlife, and how we experience and connect with these in our busy modern lives. She enjoys using the physicality and expressiveness of the materials - usually ink, acrylic paint or watercolour - to describe in her own visual language those strange or beautiful moments which often pass in an instant but make a lasting impression on the mind. 

She exhibits regularly in Edinburgh and sells her work online and in galleries. She also teaches art workshops in Marchmont (Edinburgh) and undertakes commissions. 


Previous exhibitions include:

Scottish Society of Artists Open 2018, RSA Galleries, Edinburgh;

Columbia Threadneedle Prize Exhibition 2018, the Mall Galleries, London;

Macmillan Art Show, Bonhams, Edinburgh, 2015-2018;

McNaughton’s Bookshop Gallery, Edinburgh, 2017

(solo exhibition)

To see more of Sheila's work, visit:


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Amy Findlay


Amy has always been creative throughout her life but learned how to start making jewellery at the Leith School of Art, where she attending for 2 years. At this time she was also attended numerous craft events selling her jewellery and other crafts.

Amy is also a first year student at the Glasgow School of Art studying Silversmithing and Jewellery. She has previously sold her work in a craft shop in Edinburgh and the Borders, as well as selling online through her Etsy store and through social media.

Although Amy is younger than most designers and sellers, she is certain that jewellery and making will always be part of her life in some form or another.

To see more of Amy's work, visit:


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Katie Gammie

Katie is inspired by pattern and colour, particularly the intricate markings found on insect wings and the hidden hues only seen on closer inspection.

Drawings in pencil and watercolour of the insects and other nature found in Katie's garden and on her daily travels are the starting point for her work.

Katie also uses her drawings to make silk screen prints and printed textiles, turning the fabric she designs into bags, accessories and homeware.

Katie studied painting at Edinburgh College of Art and printmaking at the Royal College of Art. Whilst living in London she was part of the E17 Designers group and has sold her work through the William Morris Gallery shop and Forty Hall museum shop.

To see more of Katie's work, visit:


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Cat Catterson


Cat Downing likes to party. A lot. She partied really hard for over twenty years. She was always last man standing, the last one to leave the party. Just one more then we'll go to bed. Pour another, roll another, rack em up. She was a bad influence on hundreds of people over the years. She had a reputation, one that she thought she enjoyed living up to. Even having a child didn't stop Cat staying up until 6am.


But she did know that she felt deeply bored, that she was not doing the right thing for herself or others. So one Sunday not too long ago, after a few dry martinis, Cat decided to stop and Cat hasn't been even tempted ever since. Booze had dulled Cat's drive, ambition and creativity for far too long, she had always painted but not with the purpose that she currently has. Night and day she is in her studio (art room which was the spare room). Tunnel vision, the dedication she once had to finding a party is now poured deliciously in to arting. 


PaintsPylons make pretty pictures using a mix of photography, collage, abstract and digital techniques with a focus on industrial, architectural and engineered subjects. PaintsPylons likes colour, go bold, bright and beautiful. And obviously PaintsPylons loves Pylons. 

To see more of Cat's work, visit:


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Katie Barclay
Hello Katie Bee

Hello Katie Bee began as a way of sharing a passion for design and creativity.

With roots in pottery and painting, Katie has developed a diverse creative range and style. From illustration, painting and printmaking, to three-dimensional work with jewellery, ceramics and concrete.


Katie grew up in Glasgow, drawing, painting and crafting whenever she could. A course in jewellery design and silversmithing encouraged her passion and led her to study three-dimensional design at Grays School of Art. The beaches and hills around Aberdeen further developed Katie’s interest and inspiration in the world and people around her.

Creating new pieces brings Katie a feeling of calm and happiness. She now works from her home studio in Edinburgh.

To see more of Katie's work, visit:


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Michelle Lowe

Michelle Lowe Pottery

Michelle is a studio potter, making small batches of hand-thrown and decorated functional pots.

Her slipware pieces are made from red earthenware clay coated in cream slip and then decorated with coloured slips and oxides. She loves the warmth of earthenware and the rich decorative possibilities of sgraffito and brushing, and trailing coloured slips.


Her passion for slipware also stems from the long heritage of country pottery and simple, practical pots made for daily use and special celebrations.

The inspiration for the lively, detailed decoration on her pots is drawn from the plants, flowers and berries in her garden and nearby hedgerows. She loves to capture the shapes and colours of the humble but cheery plants which brighten our days and herald the changing of seasons. Some favourites are dandelions, snowdrops, primroses, wild garlic, bluebells, and autumnal hips and haws and berries.

To see more of Michelle's work, visit:


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Alison Carrie
Jist Jute

Alison started crafting with jute  – making mostly bracelets and earrings – using both natural and commercially dyed jute.


Much of the jute used is now naturally dyed in small batches using locally-sourced fruits, nuts, etc.


Her range of products has expanded considerably over the last 12 months, and now includes items such as market bags, jute bowls, and eco-sponges.


Jute is a plant fibre, and jute products are Vegan / eco-friendly, which sits comfortably with Alison's whole ethos of using natural, local (where possible), or salvaged materials to create  unusual, eco-friendly, but affordable products.

She used to volunteer as a guide in a Dundee jute mill (now a museum) demonstrating the various machines and processes in jute manufacture. After acquiring rather a lot of information on the subject, she wrote a book about the remaining Dundee jute mills, as well as taking  the photographs to illustrate it, and is currently crafting with jute to raise funds for publication.

She now lives and works in Perth.

To see more of Alison's work, visit:

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